The refrigerant gas tanks and raw material tanks may be horizontally or vertically arranged with capacities up to 400m3. The nominal pressure ratings of those tanks depend on size and end use. They require specific accessories, valving, access structures, platforms, etc. depending on the project application.

Karbonsan manufactures storage tanks for various type of refrigerant gases such as dimethilether, R134A, R134A, R152A, R410A, R407C etc. and raw material tanks such as n-penthane, c-penthane, polyole, isocyanate, isobuthane, TDI/MDI etc. for chemical complexes, refineries, power generation plants and industrial gases companies.

The experienced Karbonsan team engineers and designs the tanks you require and adapts it to the specific requirements of each project according to current building codes, European regulations and ASME VIII, Div.1.

All process tanks and special pressure vessels which you may require can be tailored to your specific requirements. Karbonsan’s exceptionally talented engineering staff has earned a solid reputation as innovative designers of steel storage systems; they are in-house, licensed professional engineers, with structural expertise and extensive design experience. The engineers at Karbonsan stay in close cooperation and communication with the customer to best tailor the final product to the specific requirements of the project.

Karbonsan has been manufacturing process equipments and pressurized vessels such as buffer tanks, seperators, heat exchangers, various liquid tanks, sand & water tanks, filtration tanks etc.for the chemical and petrochemical sector for many years.

As long as it is in our capability, Karbonsan is ready to cooperate for your custom designed tank and process equipment requests in compliance with the requested norm and standards.  The selection of materials, the accurate controls of both the components and finished products, the careful non-destructive tests, the intermediate and final inspections, the special care taken over the heat treatments, enable Karbonsan to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers and of national and international inspection boards.