Karbonsan manufactures and engineers a diversified line of cryogenic vaporizing systems with maximum external surface exchange and maximum versatility.

The vaporizers are used in parallel with cryo tanks to convert liquid into gaseous carbon dioxide and other gases like N2, O2, Ar, etc. Ambient air vaporizers use the relative "heat” of the atmosphere to derive the energy necessary for the vaporization of the cryogenic liquid. Ambient vaporizers represent the most cost effective equipment to vaporize or re-gasify cryogenic liquids. Karbonsan has a full line of low-pressure vaporizing, high-pressure vaporizing and pressure-building vaporizers that will adapt to all types and models of cryo tanks.
The ambient type of vaporizers comprise a number of individual aluminium multi-finned heat transfer extruded elements which can be connected in various series and parallel paths to meet the exact requirements of individual applications.
Ambient type high pressure vaporizers made of aluminium are used for high pressure cylinder filling systems with their efficient fin designs. 
Karbonsan manufactures them and provides its customers with these vaporizers produced with various capacities and working pressures and in conformity with any global pressure specification, such as ASME; TÜV; PED; and other international codes. The modular design provides versatility and capacity increase can be accomplished efficiently.
Karbonsan, by cooperating with reliable suppliers, offers complete cylinder filling station, together with the cryogenic tanks, vaporizers and pumps required, for the industrial gas distributors. The installation of the complete system can also be undertaken by Karbonsan technicians.
The performance of ambient air vaporizers is subject to many factors. These include the flow rate, duty cycle, ambient temperature, relative humidity, freeze period, altitude, wind, solar radiation, operating pressure and proximity to adjacent structures. Karbonsan offers a complete range of vacuum-insulated flexible or rigid transfer lines and a wide range of tailor-made cryogenic equipment for LNG, LIN, LOX, LAR and LCO2.
The ambient natural draft vaporizers for high pressure operation are designed specifically for high pressure gas applications including cylinder filling and laser applications.