Karbonsan offers repair and refurbishment facilities which will enable virtually all types of cryogenic storage vessel to be returned to an 'As New' condition. Karbonsan repair facility is integrated with the manufacturing site, so the latest updates in equipment design and manufacturing processes are always built into your repairs.

If your tank needs bottom replaced, has out of round, buckled or punctured shell, has sunken or collapsed floating roof, is losing the contained material through leaks in piping or an unknown shell spot, Karbonsan is the master in solving your problems. Karbonsan will repair and restore your tank to its first day conditions, or even better.

Our repair services are flexible enough to accommodate any special requirements you may have. No matter what the make or model of your equipment, we offer service with the lowest life-cycle cost. All services are custom scaled to meet individual client needs.

At Karbonsan, we offer a wide array of rehabilitation and repair services to all ISO tank containers, bulk cryogenic tanks, cryogenic and PUR insulated CO2 tanks, and all sort of rigid tankers and semi-trailers for liquified gases from simple leak to extensive works.

Karbonsan rehab program includes but are not limited to shot blasts, prime and paint, re-insulating, new valves, instrumentation, safeties, regulators, major accident repairs, inner vessel repair, sub frame and suspension system repair and replacement, structural fabrication,  frame work for ISO containers, vacuum investigation, helium leak detection, piping, valves, and pump repairs and replacements, meter installation, periodic inspections, DOT testing and certification,  pressure/visual/inspection testing, oxygen cleaning,  nitrogen purging, lighting and electrical systems, spare parts support, painting and decaling, aluminum welding, ASME code welding, ASME and National Board Code Repairs and customer logos when provided.

Karbonsan prepares a formal estimate for authorization prior to initiating work, including pictures of the proposed equipment repairs. A detailed examination of the vessel to determine the full extent of the repair work required. This includes a helium leak test and a visual check on all valves and safeties by our engineers.

The lead times at rehab works will vary according to procedure. Typically a full rehab done in house would average approximately 4 weeks. Refurbs and other repairs will vary depending on the situation.

In addition to our Orhangazi, Bursa repair facility, we can dispatch our mobile technician to your site. We can troubleshoot and complete leak investigations, make outer vessel and other small repairs at your convenience at your location. Our mobile technician is highly experienced and carries all the necessary testing and repair equipment to get the job done right.

We have the capability to assist you with any future projects that may include repairs, rehabilitation, vacuum work, and vacuum-jacketed installations. We can rehab your worse looking tank to like new condition.  

If you have an older cryogenic or bulk CO2 tank sitting out-of-service, please contact us. Karbonsan service team is ready for minor repairs and complete fabrication of custom tanks.