We have completely tailored LPG semi-trailer to the needs and requirements of filling station supply. The use of weight-optimised materials and fittings allow us to reduce the empty weight noticeably.

Because of its flammable nature, the safety becomes more important for LPG. The cylindrical shape, like in other pressure vessels provides a safety to store and transport liquids kept under pressure. The accessories used at LPG semi-trailer are selected with care to provide a safe, long-lasting and user-friendly usage while considering air and environment protection.

As LPG has a lighter density compare to many other liquid gases, the capacity of LPG semi-trailer and rigid tank capacities are comperatively higher. The lighter body weight adds value to this advantage. Therefore, LPG has lower unit transportation costs compare to other liquefied  gases.

The design pressure used for LPG Semi-Trailers and rigid tankers 17,5Bar and the design temperature is between -20oC and +70oC.

The LPG semi-trailer and rigid tankers can be equipped with emergency discharge valves, manometers, temperature indicators; diesel, electrical or ex-proof hydromotor pumping system, liquid and phase level indicators.

Karbonsan LPG semi-trailers are built over running train with many unloading equipment options. The instruments cabinet is installed at an ergonomic working height for maximum user comfort and may also be designed with a flap. In addition to the installation of the fully electronically controlled measuring systems by leading manufacturers, we also offer the explosion- and moisture-protected installation of hose reels, additive systems, and printers in the instruments cabinet. A cornucopia of advantages designed to make a big difference in daily use.

Our relationship with our customers doesn’t end with completion of your order.  We also offer complete transport/trailer maintenance and repair services, including ASME equipment alterations and repairs, inspections, calibrations, hose inspections, hydrostatic testing, pump servicing, sandblasting and painting, and more—to maintain your transport fleet to the highest standards.

Karbonsan manufactures LPG storage tanks are according to ADR, TPED, EN 12252, EN 12493, ASME or with other local regulatory requirements on request.

Karbonsan manufactures the lightest LPG semi-trailers to provide the most favorable transportation cost without comprimising the robustness. All components of the LPG semi-trailers are configured for harsh road conditions like all other Karbonsan transportable vehicles