With fuel prices constantly rising, the focus has now been on alternative fuels as had never been before. One low profile alternative fuel being considered is LPG autogas. LPG is a naturally occurring by-product produced from domestic oil refining and natural gas processing activities.

Industrial LPG storage tanks are used in several types of facilities. They store large amounts of propane, butane and LPG to help a supplier meet the big scale fuel requirements or meet the requirements of the cylinder filling plants of the market in the area. Bulk facilities are used to distribute LPG to residential and commercial consumers. Vessels are typically designed to be loaded on semi-trailers and bobtails.
In many corners of the world, petroleum marketers are dealing with LPG as well as other oil products. These facilities are installing aboveground or underground industrial LPG storage tanks alongside atmospheric petroleum tanks.
In most cases, bulk plant facilities install aboveground vessels, but more facilities are moving to installing underground vessels each year. Bulk plant LPG vessels are fitted with the appropriate fittings based on the application.
Karbonsan has the flexibility to do custom manufacturing for LPG vessels. This can be an important factor in providing the perfect engineered solution for a customer.
The manufacturing standards of Karbonsan are EN 13445 and PED. Upon customer’s requirements design and manufacturing can be done according to AD2000 – Merkblatter, ASME or other standards. The standard volumes of industrial LPG storage tanks produced by Karbonsan range between 7 m3 and 250 m3.