LNG regasification systems are designed for LNG users who do not have pipeline connections and operate particularly outside city center.

KARBONSAN manufactures Skid Mounted Modular LNG regasification stations equipped with flowmeter to measure intantaneous gas consumption ,ATEX  certified heater for heating the gas at the desired level , pressure reducing regulator and PLC control system for full automation.

KARBONSAN supplies LNG regasification system as  "Turnkey” for local and international business partners who can not use natural gas in closed pipeline areas . If requested , piping , pneumatic and electrical lines between the LNG storage tank and the LNG  regasification system can be safely carried out by KARBONSAN’s expert technical team.

All installations are designed in a modular design and in accordance with customer operation using standart components. Our stations are designed to be easy to use with automation system and latest model equipments in accordance with local and international safety precautions.