Nowadays, countries are looking for ways to provide sustainable , cost effective energy for the future that will reduce green house gas emissions and increase enegy efficiency , drawing attention to fact that global warming increases with the release of the green house gases.

Liquefied natural gas ( LNG ) is a gas that converted to a liquid state by cooling to a temparature of about -160 °C. The rate of expansion of the natural gas from liquid to gas form is 1:600, that is , large amounts of energy can be carried and storaged as LNG.

KARBONSAN is proud to be first and only manufacturer in Turkey for automated LNG fueling stations where the filing can be performed by the user without without any need for an operator assistance.

KARBONSAN designed LNG fueling stations are with high quality in accordance with customer demand with advanced engineering  methods and considering all situations even in the most difficult conditions in order to storage LNG and safety transport it to the user.Because of the explosive nature of the natural gas , all equipment in the system is explosion , protected and resistant to fire.

KARBONSAN manufactures LNG fueling stations by creating a suitable layout plan in consideration with the conditions of the land where the station will be constructed without compromising ergonomical and durable designs that provide customers with years of maintenance- free products.