KARBONSAN manufactures horizontal or vertical Cryogenic Vacuum Insulated LNG storage tanks with variety of options with the capacities ranging between 2m³ to 300 m³ gross volumes.

Our LNG tanks are designed to resist strong seismic and wind restrictions and with vertical or horizantal options. When its desired to connect to a cryogenic pump , the production of suitable thermosiphon tanks is also available in our product range .

The piping system is designed from pre assembled standart modules  that can be combined to customer requirements for better performance and reliability.

KARBONSAN guarantees the long term operation of the cryogenic equipment and is always at service to solve any problems. KARBONSAN strives to provide the best service to customer with years of experience in manufacturing cryogenic pressure vessels. We also work on to optimize transportation and installation costs and to simplify maintenance over time.