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The cryogenic design of engineered tanks combines safe, flexible and economical operation with their high quality vacuum-perlite insulation. The cryogenic engineered tanks are available in vertical or horizontal arrangement and mainly used for the long-term storage of LNG as well as air gases. The inner vessel is made of stainless steel for cryogenic temperatures and outer jacket is combined with leg and lifting lug system providing safe transport, easy lifting and low cost erection.
Engineered products are not limited only to the tanks. Our scope of work in engineered products includes vacuum jacketed piping, storage, and delivering of vaporized products at desired flow, pressure and temperature, as per process demand. Although cryogenic engineered tanks are based on a standard design, Karbonsan offers a wide choice of options to adapt to your exact requirements. The standard units are enriched with optional switches, transmitter and/or telemetry unit.
Engineered tanks can be supplied with ambient type of vaporizers, pipelines and other cryogenic components for a complete installation. The tanks are insulated with a proved high quality vacuum-perlite system with molecular sieve adsorber. Karbonsan cryogenic engineered storage tanks are designed in accordance with directive 97/23/EC, using the standards AD 2000M, EN 13458, the PED (EC directive 97/23/EC) as well as ASME for storage of cryogens in large volumes from 60 m3 to 600 m3 with maximum allowable working pressure up to 24 bars.
Karbonsan is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic tanks in Turkey.