We manufacture a complete range of optimized semi-trailers for LIN, LOX, LAR with emphasis on tare weights and performance with many innovative weight savings incorporated without affecting the performance or durability of the vehicle.

Considering their densities, cryogenic semi-trailers are designed for the maximized transport of liquefied cryogenic gases; LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2 and LNG.
As the payload of semi-trailers has a substantial impact on profitability, Karbonsan tries to do its best to provide its customers the highest possible capacity without compromising safety and durability.
Karbonsan designs semi-trailers with excellent rollover stability and handling with lower centre of gravity, lighter tare, shorter length and wide wheel base. Super multi-layer insulation and designing the tanker considering the gas which the customer intends to use are also critical issues to reach the optimum design, this way the product in the semi-trailer can be stored for extended periods without venting through the boil-off. The investment pays itself sooner than you can imagine.
The filling can be done by either pressure transfer or use of a centrifugal pump. Cabinets and pumping arrangements can be designed to suit the customers’ specifications and requirements. Ergonomic and durable design provides Karbonsan’s customers a care-free operation for years. The simple pipe work layout of the semi-trailers minimizes the potential risk for leaks. Our strength is our flexibility to offer specific solutions by working closely with our customers to understand their requirements.
Karbonsan has developed the full range of transport and storage solutions for air gases and flammable gases. We will solve your problems with timely quotes, consulting services, precision engineering and efficient design to meet your most stringent specifications.
As a result of constant controls, each individual product from Karbonsan guarantees consistently high quality and a long service life. Reliability, safety, efficiency and robustness have paramount importance right from the development of a new product. We deliver the cryogenic semi-trailer ready for the road in compliance with many national standards and with complete ADR equipment.
Karbonsan is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic tanks in Turkey.