All products of Karbonsan are tested for quality by our technical staff at every single production stage. This begins with the reception of the raw materials and components, however does not end with the delivery of the relevant vehicle or the respective unit.

Truck mounted fixed chassis rigid cryogenic tankers are designed for the maximized transport of liquefied cryogenic gases; LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG and LCO2 considering their densities just as in the case of cryogenic semi-trailers. They are available in 5,000 to 15,700 litre versions with pressures ranging from 3 to 18 bars. We manufacture our road tankers with emphasis on tare weights and performance with many innovative weight savings incorporated without affecting the performance or durability of the vehicle. The vessel designs for such equipment can be tailored to the precise requirement of the customer.
Cryogenic Rigid Tankers are designed for the safe distribution of small and medium volumes of liquefied cryogenic gases. Smaller vessels can be mounted to the customer’s chassis to suit many applications. The filling can be done either by pressure difference or by using a centrifugal pump.
The gas companies mostly prefer truck mounted tankers and fixed chassis rigid tankers to distribute the products to smaller scale customers or to the customers the tanks of whom are located at central locations. 
Karbonsan can supply such cryogenic vessels ready for mounting on fixed chassis vehicles. Ergonomic and durable design provides Karbonsan’s customers a care-free operation for years. The simple pipe work layout of the rigid tankers minimizes the potential risk for leaks.
We deliver the cryogenic rigid tanker ready for the road in compliance with many national standards and with complete ADR equipment.
Karbonsan is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic tanks in Turkey.