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PUR Insulated Semi Trailer for Carbon dioxide
As the characteristics of carbon dioxide are different than cryogenics, the design temperature for carbon dioxide semi-trailers and rigid tankers is -50°C / +50°C. The working pressure is designed to be between 20 - 24 bars depending on the customer request. This interval allows the PUR insulation to be used effectively for the carbon dioxide mobile units, as well. The special insulation applied provides least possible evaporation rate under extreme temperatures of different countries.
It is possible to use PUR insulated CO2 semi-trailers without facing any disadvantages as long as the shipment has not been exposed to direct sun shine at extreme outside temperatures for long periods such as waiting at customs or haulage longer than a week. It is advisable to prefer investing in cryogenic semi-trailers if such extreme cases are commonly faced during the CO2 transportation to the customers. The shorter loading and unloading times, user-ergonomics, proved design and durable accessories provide exceptional advantages for Karbonsan semi-trailers.
The mobile units are mostly equipped with cooling unit, dual relief valves and a transfer pump. While rigid tankers provide cost efficiency, semi-trailers provide logistics efficiency. All Karbonsan designs are versatile and adjustable to conform to different national standards. Maintenance is simplified with highly accessible equipment panels and the piping instrumentation design assures maximum efficiency and safety. Also, Karbonsan provides its customers the highest possible capacity without compromising safety and durability, thus paying back their investments earlier than planned.
Cryogenic Semi Trailer for Carbon dioxide
Cryogenic semi-trailers provide logistics efficiency when the semi-trailer travels very long distances or waits longer periods at customs being exposed to direct sun shine, while crossing the borders. Also, cryogenic semi-trailers are preferred when customers need the inner vessel to be stainless steel.
Upon delivery, we send the relevant product files to our customers. The product files include all material and test certificates that the standards have required and have been approved by third party certification bodies. The CO2 semi-trailers are user-friendly and have been developed as a result of close cooperation with national and international gas companies. The proved design of Karbonsan allows simple operation, short loading and unloading times.