We welcome you to the world of Karbonsan’s efficiency in transport. Karbonsan manufactures all our mobile units, including PUR insulated CO2 Rigid Tankers with emphasis on tare weights and performance with many innovative weight savings incorporated without affecting the performance or durability of the vehicle.

PUR insulated CO2 Rigid Tankers
As the characteristics of carbon dioxide are different than cryogenics, the design temperature for carbon dioxide semi-trailers and rigid tankers is -50°C / +50°C. This interval allows the PUR insulation to be used effectively for the carbon dioxide mobile units, as well. It is possible to use PUR insulated mobile units without facing any disadvantages, as long as the trip duration, waiting time on site and outside temperatures are not extreme.
The capacity of tankers may vary between 2-14 tons depending the vehicle used and the application where the tanker will be employed. The tankers can be equipped with mass flowmeter, satellite aided tracking systems etc. as per customer requirements.
Cryogenic CO2 Rigid Tankers
It is advisable to prefer investing in cryogenic fixed chassis rigid tankers if the tankers will travel very long distances or wait at customs to cross the borders. Extreme waiting time is commonly faced during the CO2 transportation to the customers. The shorter loading and unloading times, user-ergonomics, proved design and durable accessories provide exceptional advantages for Karbonsan rigid tankers.
The mobile units are mostly equipped with cooling unit, dual relief valves and a transfer pump. While rigid tankers provide cost efficiency, semi-trailers provide logistics efficiency. All Karbonsan designs are versatile and adjustable to conform to different national standards. Maintenance is simplified with highly accessible equipment panels and the piping instrumentation design assures maximum efficiency and safety. Also, Karbonsan provides its customers the highest possible capacity without compromising safety and durability, thus paying back their investments earlier than planned.
PUR insulated Transportable CO2 Tanks
PUR insulated Transportable CO2 Tanks are designed for truck or trailer-mounted use, with high-quality materials and the end user’s daily operation in mind. The special insulation provides least possible evaporation rate under extreme temperatures of different countries. A wide array of options allows our transportation equipment to operate under different climates for multiple applications when temporary liquid carbon dioxide storage is required.
Our delivery units are available as a complete drive-out package mounted on a base frame and it can easily be craned on or off as required when empty. Design approvals may vary depending on options and country of operation. Karbonsan equips this unit according to specific requirements of customer with built-in flexibility. Transportable tanks are a cost saving alternative to conventional road tankers as they can be used as stationary purposes as well as bulk CO2 transportation. The special design of our transportable CO2 tanks provide a simple operation, short loading and unloading times, user-ergonomics and easy maintenance to end-users. Equipment cabinets with lockable doors are located on the rear head of the unit.