As Karbonsan, we are continuously improving our technical competencies and we are intensely dedicated to the continuing optimization of our technology for your benefit. Any technical progress must first and foremost serve to our customers. That is why we maintain an ongoing dialog with our customers. This close dialog tells us exactly what the market wants and needs and helps us to develop optimized solutions in the quality you can rightfully expect from a dedicated problem solver Karbonsan.

This type of tankers are used predominantly in inner-city traffic. Karbonsan can manufacture the rigid tankers using high-strength aluminium material and carbon steel sheets. The capacity of the rigid tankers differ from country to country depending on the payload limits that traffic regulation permits and the applied norms. Tankers are suitable for bottom and top loading system for diesel, gasoline lubricating oil, vegetable oil, JET A1 and many others and can be equipped with over-filling sensing units, scaling systems, heating system, type valve for discharge, hydro-motor  for fast discharge and hose reels.

Thanks to their compact design and volume-optimized tank shapes, Karbonsan rigid tankers offer a short wheel base and short overall length. The tankers’ innovative tank support system reduces the introduction of torsion forces into the tank, thereby reducing lateral surge movements. The hose reel is positioned for maximum economy of space between the driver’s cab and the tank, and equipped with reversing guide pulleys on either side for maximum workplace ergonomics, or may upon customer request be integrated in the instruments cabinet to satisfy even the most discriminating customer.

In all Karbonsan rigid tankers and semi-trailers, the tank understructure and rear-axle support structure is made of a weight-optimized, corrosion-resistant structure.

The semi-trailers and rigid tankers are tested after completion of production and have compartments to allow flexibility in carriage of different type of products at the same trip and one manhole cover is assembled to each independent compartment.

We offer made-to-measure vehicles to address any need or requirement in any variant imaginable. Available with wide range of capacities and wide range of variants precision-tailored to customer requirements. Karbonsan has at its fingertips a wealth of comprehensive experience which is particularly advantageous for the technological and safety-relevant requirements of airports.

Karbonsan oil rigid tankers are at your service with lowered centre of gravity, optimum strength, very low unladen weight, optimum weight distribution, minimal length and wheelbase, clear design, variable number and arrangement of compartments, one to four axles and innovative modular system in accordance with customer specifications and local regulations and ADR norms.

As a result of the constant controls, each individual product from Karbonsan guarantees consistently high quality and a long service life. Reliability, safety, efficiency and robustness are paramount right from the development of a new product. We deliver the semi-trailer tanker ready for the road with complete ADR equipment with short periods of development and delivery.

Only when our customer is satisfied with our product and it convinces in practice is our goal achieved.