Virtually every industrial building has an air receiver installed somewhere in it. The usual function of an air system is to transmit energy generated at a single source to different areas of a facility. The air receiver stores and delivers air pressure when the compressor is not running, and also serves as a pulsation damper and moisture trap.

Karbonsan has been manufacturing equipments for the industrial gases, chemical, petrochemical sector and many other industries for many years. Process equipments and pressurized vessels such as buffer tanks, vacuum tanks, seperators, heat exchangers, various liquid tanks, sand & water tanks, filtration tanks etc. are to be manufactured by close cooperation with customers to match their requirements and their complete satisfaction.

Whether your needs are for low, medium or high volume tanks for production or the aftermarket, Karbonsan can meet your tank requirements with top quality design, production and engineering capabilities.

Karbonsan is capable of producing a wide variety of air tank and pressure vessel products.

These include:
  • Air Receivers & Reservoirs
  • Air Brake Tanks & Reservoirs
  • Compressor Tanks
  • Purge tanks
  • Pressure Tanks
Vacuum receivers act in a similar manner, except that the system imparts suction at the point of usage. Bottling and canning plants are examples of facilities where vacuum handling systems are used. Vacuum receivers do not need to be built to meet the ASME pressure vessel code.

Because of its compressibility, air can store large amounts of energy which can be dangerous if released suddenly, for example if a vessel ruptures. The rules for the design and construction of air receivers are therefore very stringent, and Karbonsan air receivers are built and tested strictly to the ASME and preferred other pressure vessel codes.