Auto LPG is an environment friendly alternative fuel for vehicles. Local regulations of a country determines whether the tanks shall be installed above ground or under ground.

The autogas tanks are means of LPG storage at service and distribution stations, serving motor vehicles running on auto LPG. The autogas LPG tanks have vertical and horizontal static models, for installation above or under-ground. Above ground tanks can be sited at a location remote to the station providing sufficient space. Underground tanks provide you with a discreet solution as per regulations. The whole tank is buried below ground leaving only the access cover visible. It is ideal if you are short on outdoor space.

The LPG autogas tanks are provided with CE marking. These tanks can hold ASME U or U2 stamps as per customer request. Standard tanks are normally supplied with shop primer finish in order to avoid damaging the paintwork during handling and transport. Other types of outer surface finish are available, such as "thick coat" of polyurethane paint as a specific product for underground tanks that are to undergo dielectric strength and high impact resistance tests. Our standard finish on the outer surface is highly effective against corrosion.

Our manufacturing standards are EN 12542, EN 13445 and PED. Upon customer’s requirements design and manufacturing can be done according to AD2000 – Merkblatter, ASME or other standards. The standard LPG autogas tank volumes that Karbonsan keeps stock are 7 m3, 10 m3 and 22 m3.