Karbonsan has been manufacturing airgas tanks for nitrogen, oxygen, argon etc. for the steelmills, chemical and petrochemical sector for many years.

The process equipments and pressurized vessels such as buffer tanks, seperators, heat exchangers, various liquid tanks, sand & water tanks, filtration tanks etc. are to be manufactured by close cooperation with customers to match their requirements and their complete satisfaction. As long as it is in our capability, Karbonsan is ready to cooperate for your custom designed tank and process equipment requests in compliance with the requested norm and standards.  The selection of materials, the accurate controls of both the components and finished products, the careful non-destructive tests, the intermediate and final inspections, the special care taken over the heat treatments, enable Karbonsan to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers and of national and international inspection boards.

Karbonsan manufactures single wall airgas tanks for the air seperation plants which uses gaseous phase of airgases at their production. The on-site air seperation plants which are built next to steelmills, chemical and petrochemical complexes supply the gaseous phase of various gases at the seperated air. The minor percentage of such air seperation plants are liquified and stored at cryogenic vessels while the gaseous airgases are directly supplied to the plant where it is consumed or stored at airgas tanks at their gaseous phase as buffer to provide continuity for pick uses.

The capacity of airgas tanks generally range from 50.000 liters to 300.000 liters. The cryogenic engineered tanks at the air seperation plant are used togetherwith airgas tanks to provide a supply guaranty during the maintenance and temporary break down as well as liquified gases supply from the air seperation plant to various customers.