Domestic tanks are economic and practical means for supplying propane or mix LPG as a fuel for domestic applications like heating, cooking, hot water; or small industrial applications.

Propane is the most common form of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) that can be used as a fuel in areas where no gas mains are installed. A byproduct of the oil refining process, it is compressed into a liquid for ease of storage and delivery.

In a domestic storage tank, fuel vaporizes in the upper part of the vessel which can be tapped for use as a cooking and heating gas. Its pressure is regulated down to a level compatible with the appliances it runs. In cold climates, the ambient temperature is sometimes too low for the propane to vaporize fast enough, in which case a heat source, known as a vaporizer must be used. In its natural form, Propane has no smell and an odorant is added before distribution, for safety reasons.

Above ground tanks can be sited in your garden at a location remote to your house providing sufficient space. Underground tanks provide you with a discreet solution. The whole tank is buried below ground leaving only the access cover visible. It is ideal if you are short on outdoor space. It is environmentally safe to store LPG underground as in the unlikely event of vapour leak the fuel is unlikely to pose a significant water or ground pollution hazard.

Karbonsan manufactures 500 – 10000lt capacity of domestic  LPG tanks. Domestic tanks have different models for installing over ground or under the ground. Our manufacturing standards are EN 13445 and PED. Upon customer's requirements design and manufacturing can be done according to AD2000 Merkblatter, ASME or other standards. Manufacturing and testing of the tanks are made under supervision of an independent inspection body. CE marking is provided. Upon customer's requirement, ASME U or U2 stamps can be provided.