Tank containers are available at different capacities and in a variety of frame designs with a wide choice of working pressure according to the application. Karbonsan holds major positions in different export markets through manufacturing a comprehensive range of tank containers...

As well as ISO-Tanks for bulk liquids, Karbonsan can provide custom-built tanks for transportation of liquefied gases. Our design experience and knowledge enable us to present our customers with quality-made, strong products and innovative solutions. Our tank containers carry worldwide approval for road, rail and sea transport with market-leading tare weights and capacities. Design approvals may vary depending on options and country of operation. Our strength is our flexibility to offer specific solutions by working closely with our customers to understand their requirements.
The CO2 tank containers have been designed as standard 20ft ISO containers for the safe storage and transport of CO2. The CO2 tank containers also feature high quality vacuum multi-laminar super-insulation, stacking capability, 9 units height, integral pressure building system, document holder, various pipe work and valve options to offer maximum versatility to end user and operator. These units can also be used as storage equipment with a long pressure hold time from 17 bars to 24 bars for more than 30 days at an ambient temperature. The inner vessels and pipeworks are made of stainless steel and cleaned for oxygen uses which allows to multipurpose transportation of CO2, N2, O2 and Ar. This tank can also be configured to accept cryogenic transfer pumps. 
Karbonsan offers a variety of frame designs such as ISO universal full frames and universal beam tanks with a wide choice of working pressure according to the application. We meet the increasing requirements of the gas industry and oil well services companies, with the best performances in the market.