At Karbonsan, we have made it our business to design commercial vehicles strictly in accordance with our customers’ individual specifications and in line with the tenets of extreme economic efficiency. Safety for people and the environment is our top priority; maximum customer satisfaction is number-one goal.

Karbonsan manufactures oil semi-trailers for the supply of gas stations featuring tank capacities of up to 60,000 liters, in both the traditional cylindrical/round or box-shaped designs and in the newly developed cylindrical/ elliptical design shapes. This tried and tested, weight-optimized design makes it possible to cut curb weight and vehicle length.

A low center of gravity, in combination with the standard-equipped anti-tilt stabilizing system, provides the perfect conditions for ensuring safety and outstanding driving characteristics. The tanker semitrailer‘s low curb weight enables higher payloads, thereby lowering logistics costs.

The cylindrical/elliptical design shape semitrailers are specifically good for the new and innovative dipstick measuring systems. Upon customer request, we are happy to equip oil semi-trailers, tank superstructures and rigid tankers with dipstick measuring systems made by current leading manufacturers. We have completely tailored oil semi-trailers to the needs and requirements of filling station supply. The oil semi-trailers are suitable for the transport of gasoline, diesel, heating oil and can be equipped with or without a dip-stick measuring system.

Karbonsan oil semi-trailers are available either standard-equipped or, upon customer request, equipped with a comprehensive range of safety and monitoring devices. In any case, the use of weight-optimised fittings allows us to reduce the empty weight noticeably.

Thanks to their compact design and volume-optimized tank shapes, Karbonsan oil semi-trailers and tank trailers offer a short wheel base and short overall length. The tank shell does not feature an all-around welding seam for an increased standard of safety and quality. The tankers’ innovative tank support system reduces the introduction of torsion forces into the tank, thereby reducing lateral surge movements. The hose reel is positioned for maximum economy of space between the driver’s cab and the tank, and equipped with reversing guide pulleys on either side for maximum workplace ergonomics, or may upon customer request be integrated in the instruments cabinet – a cornucopia of advantages guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating customer.

In all Karbonsan tanker semitrailers and tank trailers, the tank understructure and rear-axle support structure is made of a weight-optimized, corrosion-resistant structure.

In Karbonsan oil semi-trailers, the instruments/filling cabinet is arranged from front to back, upon customer request either on one side or on both sides. Also upon customer request, it is possible to design the measuring system either as a direct discharger or with a single or double measuring system. In Karbonsan tank superstructures, the instruments cabinet is installed at an ergonomic working height for maximum user comfort and may also be designed with a flap. In addition to the installation of the fully electronically controlled measuring systems by leading manufacturers, we also offer the ex-proof of hose reels, additive systems, and printers in the instruments cabinet. A batch of advantages designed to make a big difference in daily use.

As a result of the constant controls, each individual product from Karbonsan guarantees consistently high quality and a long service life. Reliability, safety, efficiency and robustness are paramount right from the development of a new product. We deliver the semi-trailer tanker ready for the road with complete ADR equipment.

Only when our customer is satisfied with our product and it convinces in practice is our goal achieved.