The first of LNG filling stations within the scope of Blue Corridor, Europe's clean fuel project, is reported to be manufactured by Karbonsan in Turkey. In accordance with the clean fuel strategy developed by the European Union; European countries now want to use vehicles that fueled with LNG instead of diesel in road transportation, and thus aim to protect the nature by reducing exhaust gas emissions; the company stated. Stations specially designed for LNG will contribute to the proliferation of LNG, an alternative fuel to diesel, in maritime, railway and road transport.
In this regard, fixed LNG filling stations will be installed at various points across the continent for vehicles to supply LNG. The fixed LNG filling stations are planned to be located at every 400 kilometers reach  and the first station is manufactured at Karbonsan Orhangazi facility in Turkey to be shipped Paris being the first station that is suitable for the enviromentalist project.  

Being the first company that manufactures the first fixed LNG filling system in Turkey, Karbonsan has completed the production of the first order within environmentalists Blue Corridor project. All test phases of the station to be located near Paris have been successfully completed. The station Karbonsan manufactured, will be in France by the end of this month. The system is expected to start proceeding in July. In order to spread the usage of LNG, which is both an economical and environmentally friendly fuel, 15 more of these LNG filling stations are ordered to be manufactured especially for heavy tonnage trucks and trailers operating in road transport; at Karbonsan's Orhangazi facility in Bursa.

"Drivers will be able to fill LNG without a salesperson"
 Karbonsan Sales and Marketing Manager Fatih Yılmaz stated that in order to ensure the widespread usage of LNG in Europe, fixed filling stations will be established at certain points and that these stations will be exported to European countries with its automation technology. In his speech, Fatih Yılmaz included the following statements: "The first of 15 LNG filling stations planned to be established was successfully inspected by a French-based company inspectors. LNG filling stations will be established in such a way that the customer can fill the tank himself without the need for any operator. It will be one of the first station types in Europe that can be served without employing staff for LNG filling, where the customer himself purchases and fills LNG. The test phase of the system, which is designed with natural circulation that can fill the customer's tank without a pump, has been completed. This system also includes a PLC automation system that provides credit card payment convenience. Due to the lack of demand for LNG, only one vehicle can fill at a time. The container installed on the system, has a storage capacity of 20.000 Liters which equals 20 cubic meter. This capacity can fill up 150 vehicles. "As Karbonsan, we export both engineering and technology”, he added.